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Things that go BLEAT in the night!

The silence was punctuated by a series of unearthly sounds. Aaaa eeeee ooooo aaa eee oooo aaa eee oooo   I dropped the bowl of ice cream in fright and dashed out of my room to investigate.   It was nearly midnight and everyone  should  have been asleep. I stress on the word should since the pandemic (and Netflix) has messed up our sleep cycles. I stood in the corridor of our flat trying to ascertain where the odd sounds were coming from. The door to the teen’s room was ajar. What on earth was she up to?   My first thought was that she was holding a séance. That would explain the peculiar noises. When we were teenagers, we’d often play around with home-made Ouija boards (more about that later) so I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was doing something similar. I took a deep breath and peeped in cautiously.   The room was dark with fairy lights twinkling like stars near the window.   She was in front of her laptop, making weird sounds.   Aaaa eeeee ooooo aaa eee oooo aaa eee oooo   “W

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